April 2, 2013
Marda Norton’s Last Day in Danielstown

The day after Norton’s mysterious wound, she departs for London to reunite with her fiancée Leslie Lawe.

But before leaving, an inside source told us that she received a romantic gift from who else than her suspected lover, Hugo Montmorency. The gift is an expensive bottle of eau-de-Cologne.

How strange it is that Norton departs so abruptly after yesterday’s incident. Even more strange that Mr. Montmorency continues to show affection to another woman other than Mrs. Montmorency.

However, it seems likely that the two will have to postpone their love affair as she is leaving for England to become Mrs. Lawe.

Though, don’t be surprised if Mr. Montmorency finds a new love interest to disrupt his troubling marriage. Remember he is staying with his former lover’s daughter, the young and beautiful Lois Farquar.

We will keep you posted as we get the inside scoop here in the Anteroom.

April 2, 2013
Marda Norton’s Mysterious Wound in Darra Valley

Marda Norton and Hugo Montmorency entered the mill where the gunshot was fired.

After many speculations of a love affair between soon-to-be-married Marda Norton and married-man Hugo Montmorency, the two were seen walking along the Darra Valley and entering an old mill when moments later a gunshot blast rang through the valley.

Norton then reemerged from the abandoned building with a bloody left hand. Sources close to Norton claim that she had cut her hand on the broken edge of a slate.

We are all well aware of Norton’s many unusual accidents in Danielstown; however, this particular incident draws more suspicions than a young girl scraping her knee at a birthday party.

Why was there a gunshot? Who fired the gun? And most importantly, why was she shot?

Too many questions that need to be answered…

BUT we have our own ideas. We know that Mr. and Mrs. Montmorency’s relationship have been strenuous since Norton’s arrival to Danielstown. We know all about Norton’s past failed engagements. And we know that it is too much of a coincidence for Norton to cut her hand seconds after a gunshot was heard.

Perhaps the old mill is a lover’s rendezvous for Norton and Mr. Montmorency. Perhaps Mrs. Montmorency discovered their secret sanctuary. And perhaps Mrs. Montmorency wanted to teach Norton a lesson about stealing another woman’s husband.

We will keep you updated as we look more closely into the situation. And as always you heard it here first in the Anteroom.

April 1, 2013
Livvy Thompson: Rumors of a Secret Engagement

There has been recent talk of an engagement between Miss Livvy Thompson and Mr. David Armstrong. The two were spotted together in Cork having tea at the Imperial. Miss Thompson appeared to be hiding under her hat, perhaps in fear of being seen with Mr. Armstrong.

The rumored-couple seem to be keeping their romance on the down low and with good reason! The engagement could spark controversy for a few reasons.

Livvy seems to have spilled her secret to a few close friends, but is reluctant to make a big announcement. The two may be keeping their engagement a secret on behalf of Mr. Armstong’s position in the army. A source told The AGC that Livvy fears her father’s disapproval. He feels that her relations with Armstrong, a second lieutenant, could put the family in danger. The couple may have to wait awhile until conditions improve, as this is not an ideal time for a wedding.

Miss Thompson has not yet been seen sporting a wedding ring, but keep checking The Ante-room for the latest updates!

April 1, 2013
Hugo and Francie Montmorency: A Relationship on the Rocks

It is not difficult to notice the tension between Francie and Hugo Monmorency, two of Danielstown’s most recent visitors. An anonymous source reported hearing sobbing coming from The Blue Room, where the couple is known to be staying. Could it be that Francie is not enjoying her stay in Danielstown? Perhaps Hugo is finally growing tired of waiting on her hand-and-foot. It seems that he has enough on his mind without having to worry about brushing his wife’s hair. Could the once attentive husband now have his eye on something- or someone else?

It is known that the couple travelled to Danielstown after suffering some financial losses, including their estate. With nowhere to go, they turned to their close friends, the Naylors. During the Montmorencys’ stay at the residence, it is thought by some that Hugo’s eyes have wandered in the direction of Miss Marda Norton. The two have been spotted walking together on more than one occasion.

Miss Norton has always been known to stir things up a bit and this time it’s no different. A source close to both Hugo and Miss Norton told The AGC, “I know Francie notices, I know she is unhappy. Of course she always is unhappy, but she’s unhappy now in a different way”. The same source also told us that Miss Norton has plans to leave Danielstown very soon. Perhaps the departure of Miss Norton will give the Montmorencys some space to work out their problems.

Stay tuned to The Ante-room to receive further updates on Danielstown’s latest gossip!

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